How To Play Guitar Cord G

how to play guitar cord g
BC-131 • The G Chord (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

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Need help with reading guitar tabs?

I'm trying to learn to play guitar, I know the basic chords, but can someone tell me how to read these labels? It would be helpful thank you very much e |-0-0000-0000-0000-000-0-0000-0000-0000-000-x-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-B | -0-0000-0000-0000 -000 To 0 – 0000-0000-0000-000-3-3333-3333-3333 – G | -0-0000-0000-0000-000-0-0000-0000-0000 – 000-0-0000-0000-0000 – D | – 2-2222-2222-2222-222-2-2222-2222 -2222-222-2-2222-2222-2222 – A | -3-3333-3333-3333-333-2-2222-2222-2222-222 -3-3333-3333-3333 – E |-x-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-x-xxxx-xxxx -xxx-xxx-x-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-

the letter strings are the # s are the frets. when there are multiple cable number stacked Thus, 2 and 3 above are from each other to put the finger on the second fret D string and fret a third string and strum the strings are 0. later it will come through the other letters that symbolize things like hammer on and pull-offs. Sorrry its a bit difficult to explain these in person. Good luck.

how to play guitar cord g