Play Guitar With Keyboard Game

play guitar with keyboard game
Play the Game – Queen – Expert Guitar/Drums/Vocals/Keys

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Game "Guitar Hero" with my son. Is 11 I am 47. My butt-kicker. Who plays at expert level and easy

is really good for their age in this game and now thinks he wants to take guitar lessons. I used to play keyboards in a band and I realize that this is not always a experience fun practice, practice, practice all the time. Would it be a waste of time and my money when he started in the guitar lessons? everyone has been so helpful. thank you.

I understand your concern, but it's a great opportunity to do something that seems to enjoy and be good. And yes, you can enter then realize it's too much work and quit – but we all learn from our mistakes, right? It's a win-win situation: Either he really likes, he enters and hard work, and benefit a great ability that most people do not. Or, which is closed and you learn that you do not just do things without hard work and dedication. If you look at it that way is not a waste of money in both cases. You can get really cheap guitars in Wal-Mart – What it does, I admit it is garbage to a real enthusiast guitar, but it really gets in, then you can consider buying a better one. In terms of lessons, put a plug-in tour. Ask mow the court (or other tasks) regularly, in exchange for the payment of lessons. If it is severe, the double burden of work you will go ahead and get out (rather than simply keep all the money Dad screwed).

play guitar with keyboard game

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