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learn to play guitar fast and easy
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Learn to play electric guitar and I need some tabs can not easily play fast, so you must be either low average speed?

I can not play fast, but ….. have some experience and can play certain things ….. You can also play drop d, and the level has its impressive, thank you for help

You should be tested and play some hard songs (nothing crazy, of course). If you have power tab, you can cut the song and practice at any speed you want. Anyway, here are some songs of standard speed averaging adjustment: Stairway to Heaven (of course …) – Led Zeppelin, Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin Hotel California (solo) – Eagles Still Loving You – Scorpions Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd Europa – Santana and, of course … Serrana – Jason Becker

learn to play guitar fast and easy

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