Guitar Course Review

guitar course review
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Epiphone Sheraton II is a good guitar for me (instead of a casino on the cob)?

Hello, I live in Mexico City and I was Looking for a Epiphone "Casino" for a while, of course, without success, because it is a bit difficult to find such tools here I really want an electric guitar and I found an Epiphone Sheraton II, which is very similar to the casino (both semi hollowbodied guitar), reading some comments on the internet I found a Sheraton guitar is much better than the casino, but I always loved the casino "Beatle" sound, and I do not know if I'll have sound, with the Sheraton, also, I read the Sheraton is very used to playing jazz, I really do not want to do, before making any Do you want advice from someone who knows these guitars, so what do you think, should I buy the Sheraton or should I wait until they find a way to get a casino?

my epi rules.i not know where u can find one, but do not give it out eventually

guitar course review