Greatest Guitar Players Of All Time

greatest guitar players of all time
Tribute to the three best guitar players ever!

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Who is the greatest guitarist of all time, Hendrix, Page, Blackmore, Vai, BB or another?

It must be Jimi Hendrix. Why Why? Even before listening to guitarists Jimi Hendrix came on the scene, then listen to the guitar later. His influence has changed the guitar sound together. Person uses the electric guitar better than him. You get to play the guitar now weighed. But then what? Where's the Music that content? With practice, most people can play fast scales, but that's just the male equivalent of seeing who can piss on the wall above! What's the point? Autism is music at its best. Most people do not hear things like Voodoo Chile Jimi Haze popular or purple. Both great songs but trying to do heard 'Midnight' and 'Pali Gap "- the songs are what you might call" movies for your ears.

greatest guitar players of all time