Different Ways To Play Guitar Chords

different ways to play guitar chords
How to Play C Major on Guitar

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different ways to play guitar chords?

Hello everyone, I started playing the guitar after the summer last year and now still strugling with different ways to play guitar chords. My instructor, my mission four ways to play the chords – C major – G major – F major – A minor I'm sure you miss the trick for him, when I know how it works it will not be a problem, but I have not seen the light (which held the system of strings …) Could someone perhaps explain it to me? I hope someone knows!

Playing in a different position. For example cmajor roots in a bowl on the line and b 3 in a box chain. Therefore, go to box 13 per box 15 a. Since his arrival, and there are strings make the notes and chords nessessitating bar Twelfth fret. Hope that was clear enough that you can get.

different ways to play guitar chords