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learn guitar building
Learn to Play Lead Blues Guitar Building Speed Licks and Phrasing

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How can I learn to play guitar by myself?

Well I have no guitar, so first of all, I thank for advice on a good guitar sound does not cost too much. (I thought a maximum of $ 200) but if you know of a guitar that is $ 400 or something, but it is also as good as any $ 1000 guitar, I'm all ears. Second. If I buy in a store, what should I look to see if what is good guitar (and, of course, what appears to be provided) Finally, how can I learn to play guitar? I know the basic music theory and chord structure / How they are built, and I take the AP music theory, so that the formation of agreements is not bad, but how can I learn guitar if you Want to learn about myself? (How do I begin)

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learn guitar building

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