Can You Play Guitar Through Bass Amp

can you play guitar through bass amp
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What size bass amp I have to play in a small space?

I have a Fender Jazz some good friends and the desire to play a concert in coming months. The problem is that only one amp. My drummer tells me I need something big. We have an average stack guitar. Do I have something similar? I heard that you can play the guitar through a bass amp, but not to play the bass with a guitar amp … right? Any suggestions or pointers?

It really depends on things … probably most importantly, how strong is your thought about playing the guitar through this stack and how much you're research spending. You do not need a half stack … a combo will do, but personally I prefer a battery. When we play small places I use Carvin 4X10 cabinet powered by a head of Eden Nemesis (push about 275 watts into 8 ohms), and rarely made it to 12 hours. My preference personally, if I wanted to believe we can manage the small squares of medium-sized firm would be a 2×10 (8 ohms) and a 1X15 cabinet (8 ohms). You can get combos 2X10 and work very well, but I would make sure the amp is powerful enough to feed another forum, if you need it in the future. My recommendation would be 400-500-watt amplifier (4 ohms, about 250 to 350 at 8 ohms). Personally, I like the SM-III and MarkBass WTX500 Eden … Carvin is very good for amplifiers and cabinets. Clear as mud?

can you play guitar through bass amp

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