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hot guitar licks
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Do you think it should be a new KISS song list?

Personally, I KISS song list for the new sonic boom over tour Europe should be the following tracks: 1. Deuce 2. Strutter 3. Hotter Than Hell 4. Rock And Roll All Night 5. Night-time King of the World 6. Detroit Rock City 7. I Want You 8. Call medical Love 9. Hard Luck Woman with Eric Singer on vocals 10. I Stole Your Love 11. Love Gun 12. New York Groove With Tommy on vocals and guitar solo Tommy 13. I Was Made For Lovin 'You 14. Sure Know Something 15. Shandi 16. Elder Medley The Oath, I, A World Without Heroes 17. The war machine with a single gene to low 18. Lick It Up 19. Heaven's On Fire 20. Crazy, Crazy Nights 21. Forever 22. God Gave Rock and Roll II 23. Modern Day Delilah 24. I'm an animal 25. Say Yeah 26. Never enough I Love It Loud Firehouse Psycho Circus Unholy What people think about this?

Like the list of songs, but I like to see "popular songs" more like a. .. i have played God gave rock n roll from the last time .. As always the game that when they walk off stage in the background .. things as a weapon of love Detroit Rock City is near end of all this. so I do not know who will play 30 songs .. I love it! .. lol but it would be a long show!

hot guitar licks