How To Play Guitar Overnight

how to play guitar overnight
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What are some tips to keep flemenco nails and classical guitar?

I play almost all styles of guitar and were really trying to get my classical technique and style of your fingers. Obviously, I need to polish, but my nails are naturally very low and low … I nails can bend fully backwards, that's how they are weak .. and therefore easily chip that is the thing im trying to avoid. Currently, I use glue and put 2 layers of it and let it dry overnight, but I found that after 3 to 5 hours per day without even play the guitar, the glue starts peeling and it's really bad. also when i try to play guitar with these chips, lower nail in the chain and that basically started the glue off. I had people tell me about the layers of acrylic paint and these … some say that the nails wrong, but my girlfriend would never approve because they are gays .. or even like them a lot of time in the first place …

I tried all schemes, nail polish, etc. and my nails still can fall back too:). NOTHING works! fake nails are your only option if you want to be competitive. Just explain. You can get very thin, you do not get those thick. I know many guys (not gay) who nails hours. Do you worry. Only what is more important to see how ur girlfriend think about you or how the guitar sounds. (Do not try to say something bad about him but u need to take a decision). Good luck

how to play guitar overnight

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