How To Play Guitar Scales By Ear

how to play guitar scales by ear
Khmer Band – Play Cambodian Music By Ear – Intermediate Level

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I played guitar for a while and I can not play a song?

I played the guitar for about 5 months and I can not even play a song, because most cards use chips to the Internet does not sound right. I would like to learn to play songs ear, but I can not because I think I'm your deaf. I also find it very difficult to get my own equipment. I play a lot scales, but I do not really know how to play something with them, I was just taight to play up and down, I can play very fast now but I can not do any material. Can anyone help me with this?

Here's where to find some lessons, it really helps to not need them for years, some to make sure you start keeping your right hand touch the strings we can not see you play properly, I can not say exactly what is wrong with books, videos and more scales are fine, but can not answer questions, listen, provide specific support, how can a teacher

how to play guitar scales by ear