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How can I get the sound I want from my amp? (Guitar)?

I have a crate GFX-30 amplifier with DSP on board. Available options are: level: gain, shape Overdrive. Clean: low, medium, high and DSP level mode. I do not use the DSP, however. It came with a pedal, which has 2 buttons Moreover, the gain and channel. I have a guitar VG1 BC Rich and Jackson, but I'm not sure what kind. I think it's a warrior. All these purchases had been used at a pawnshop. My question is: How can I get his punk rock? (The Queers, Antiflag, Bad Religion) It is very frustrating because I can not find the sound I like! When I try to play notes or agreements coming out well, the sound … Dirty. It is difficult to explain that I am a fairly new guitar player and know nothing about it. Id also know: Is a question from my computer? Should I knew things? Thank you in advance, I know it's a noob question and good answer.

The "dirty" sound may be due to its function is disabled. Small differences in the height of each string can make your arrangements and power chords sound like crap. If you do not, I suggest getting a tuner. In addition, if your problem is limited versatility, I suggest you do a multi-effects processor. I have a Digitech RP255, and it's amazing, and I do cost only $ 70. I also heard that the Line 6 POD 2.0 is good, but I have not had experience with him.

guitar players gear