Learn How To Play Guitar Music

learn how to play guitar music

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I want to learn to play guitar, so I can play country music please help!?

I want to learn to play guitar, he can play country music, I play piano and I want to develop my musical abilities, since I'm only 13 I need help, it may be difficult to learn? I can help someone play an instrument?

I am in the process of teaching I play guitar, and I will not lie, it's hard! you want to throw the dang thing out the window, fingers get hurt, but stick with it cause it will be worth sentence at the end:) As you already know how to play the piano, which is a useful, no matter what anyone tells you. Yes, they are two different instruments, but at least they can read and count rhythms of music and knows how to stick to something. I use YouTube a lot to learn songs and chords, and suggest that it would be where to start. If you need anything let me know! this is the first song I learned, super easy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHIq4t-5DOc&playnext=1&list=PL08EBD6EE89646293

learn how to play guitar music