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ultimate guitar learn to play guitar
Learn how to play You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, Guitar Lesson from freeandeasyguitar.com

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HOW TO READ / play guitar tabs?

I want to play this song: My heart is the worst kind of weapon of Fall Out Boy, and here's the tabs: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/f/fall_out_boy/my_heart_is_the_worst_kind_of_weapon_tab.htm AND I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY MY take guitar lessons from my learning SIMPLE things said TEACEHR KNOW IF I WANT TO KNOW Just put a song to listen THE NAME OF THE SONG U WANT AND "tabs" She taught me to play TABS but I do not HUH? : P Anyway, all the videos on YouTube SEE THE DIFFERENT FORMS AND GUITAR OF MINE looks like this: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/f/fall_out_boy/my_heart_is_the_worst_kind_of_weapon_tab.htm Do is it important? The ways you can tell me NOT KNOW OR teach me to read. You play this TAB

there are 6 lines. The end result is the bottom line and top line is the upper chain, etc. The numbers on the lines tell you what you need to worry about the finger

ultimate guitar learn to play guitar