Learn Guitar Classical Music

learn guitar classical music
Introduction To Indian Classical Music for Guitar

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Should I learn guitar with nylon strings and steel go?

I started learning the guitar, but my family had an old (20 years) Spanish classical guitar there and gave me this. Is this a good idea? Because I wanted to learn more on steel, because I'm not interested in classical music.Also is the art of interpreting it?

Press any guitar strings, nylon or steel, because they are all equal in terms of skill, techniques, and settings. Use a guitar pick instead of fingers. The difference lies in the fact that the classical guitar has a neck Nylonge much larger electric or acoustic guitar. But if the practice and clean chain Nylonge help once you go to a steel or electric guitar. The reason is simple. pressure of demand for nylon strings over the fingers to produce a clearer sound, especially when playing fast. Who at the base of the right finger and wrist muscles that payment in the end, when it changes. Apart from this, notes, chords and techniques are left unchanged. Just keep the palm parallel to the tuning fork to facilitate replication and make sure to bend your thumb in the first set to give more force to tighten.

learn guitar classical music

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