Play Guitar Clean Without Palm Muting

play guitar clean without palm muting
How to Play Rock Rhythm and Licks on the Guitar : How to Play a Rhythm Lick with Palm Muting on the Guitar

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How to clean your guitar technique – Part 2 to find the solution to fixing neglected Lead Guitar Playing

If you have specific problems guitar, this is due more to the sound of guitar strings too. For most guitarists, this area of refining his guitar technique may have nothing to do with improving of his game, "said they want to hear." The root of the problem lies in the notes (strings) that "do" want to hear.

If the articulation of the note you want to play exactly, but still have difficulty finding their first playing guitar in his clear, then this article will help you improve your guitar technique, eliminating any guitar string noise.

In order to suppress with the strings guitar who do not want to be heard is to use two completely different sets of technical mute: to stop the noise of the guitar string down (in pitch) strings, and cut the higher (in pitch) strings.

Although there is more than one way to cancel guitar strings, some methods have different advantages and thus are not (in my opinion at least) better.

Smother strings

Many players of the guitar with the palm of your hand choose to suppress the low strings. Although this technique is very good in most of the chains holding the quieter, there are two major drawbacks of this technique.

  1. Mute with the palm of causing a slight delay in the silencing of a chain play just once before. This delay is brief moments of the chain reactions of guitar noise. This occurs for two main reasons:
  1. The flesh of the palm is much milder than the side of the thumb, it takes longer for the palm of your hand to effectively stop the chain ring.
  2. It is not easy to obtain palm of his hand in the ideal position for consistent and reliable silent chains that are adjacent when they play in all game situations
  1. When you use your palm to mute the noise of unwanted chain, the natural position of guitar pick (when not playing) is far from the strings. That's what I call the "natural point of rest."

When your selection is at rest and far strings (between playing each note), which makes your hand choose to work harder and greatly increases the possibility of sloppy play, noise and slower chain speed selections.

An excellent solution to these problems (and improve your guitar technique) moves with the thumb to choose for all children (height) of such channels.

Note that the "natural foot" to use the general silence is now on the ropes (as shown in the picture above). This greatly reduces wasted motion and lets you shoot faster with less effort.

Mute the strings above

Many players guitar are fully aware of the potential for silencing unwanted noise guitar string the higher (thinner) and the chains of this part of your game is often a cause of sloppy guitar.

In fact, there are two main techniques to silence the sound of chains I teach my students high during training to improve your guitar technique.

The first technique is to use the bottom (the side of the fingerprint) index hand stirred. This part of your finger is used to "touch slightly higher than the muted strings. The key word in The last sentence is "Knocked Up." You do not want to push so hard that the notes begin to ring regularly fretted note. Simply place your finger on them which prevents them from ringing.

In addition, these channels can be muted than using your fingers used to pick hand (fingers that are not used to maintain peak as middle, ring and little fingers).

This additional layer to silence says there is no possibility that the chains higher than his rough play and add unwanted noise in your system guitar to play the guitar.

When these ideas are combined with techniques of chain silencing cut strings, your game will instantly become much cleaner than before. Now every time you play, the strings of the guitar solo which sounds are those who play!

If you worked hard to perfect his guitar technique and timing of both hands (as mentioned in the first part of the how to improve your guitar technique series of articles), then you already know if your spouse / Sync goes well, but is not silent, the result will be a little sloppy. So when it comes to improving their guitar technique consider the 5 points that were discussed in this series:

  1. Focused Consciousness
  2. End – The first half of the synchronization of both hands
  3. La Prensa – The second half of the synchronization of two hands
  4. Mute the strings above
  5. Mute the strings

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play guitar clean without palm muting