I Can Play Guitar Nashville Hits Songs

i can play guitar nashville hits songs
I’m Easy Cover by Ron on 12 string guitar

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I want a / songs music mentor!?

I went to Nashville and Los Angeles to learn as much as I could about songwriting. I belong to Songue, NSAIDs, TAXI, Broadjam, myspace, etc. but I need someone who can give me tutoring, because my songs are, of course, does not resonate not with anyone beyond friends and family. I play piano and guitar (enough to write and perhaps in vivo.) I am affiliated with BMI and has about 50 songs in my catalog. I'm not signed and I have an agent or a capacitor. I just need someone to care my own business and say, squash it, this is what you have to do … If you are that person hit me in christineathon@yahoo.com. THANK YOU! PS If you know someone or if you have any advice, I am also delighted.

I think your track to be affiliated with these organizations. According my experience as a composer, you do not know why and it will not work. I think if you could get other musicians and ordinary people involved and see what are the opinions of their songs and maybe do an experiment like that. I know from my experience in the studio or two heads are better than one. Thereare numerous fractures involved with compositions that you should keep in mind that this is a skill that comes from your heart and hear differently. It is sometimes difficult to sell. The problem with music today is that it's all about looks and not the music more. But I can tell you if you decide to put their music on the market try to market as an artist as well. Is this a principle that could be useful in the future. If you other questions, please send an email to curleyqprod@yahoo.com. Good luck!

i can play guitar nashville hits songs

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