Fastest Guitar Player In The World

fastest guitar player in the world
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Why rock and roll still lose his own soul? Its too technical or nontechnical in programming.

I mean not many bands playing Rock and Roll with your soul. They are technicians and learn to play a lame song. And those of his soul Awefull (like emo music.) classically trained guitarists are rare these days. Especially Heavy Metal. Your losing your UMPH! There are some bays Chuck, Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen left in the world. I do talking about my ass and ive played guitar for some time. We must return to the heart of Rock. Even the old school metal was bad some meaning. For in sum, this is really the song! Not how fast you can collect, or basic drum slap. Thank you for reading, I hope this has affected some of you in some way good music. Nicholas Zynko

I totally agree with you. But the truth is that rock is dead. Today's children anyway call a rock. But rock is not really "in" nowadays, so people are less inspired to become a true rock star. As for Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix today, it is not and does not appear that this will change soon. But at least real rock will live in our hearts and CD collections. RIP Rock

fastest guitar player in the world