How To Learn To Play The Guitar

how to learn to play the guitar

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How can I learn to play guitar with big fingers?

It seems that every time I try to play my fingers touch other guitar strings. No matter what I try to keep getting the same result. I have big fingers, so I think it's one of my problems. Someone Can there give me some suggestions on how to solve this problem annoying.

You can play guitar if you like, I saw a video of a street performer playing guitar with his feet. What is needed is practice, practice, practice and you will find that fingers of the fat is not a problem at all. I have big hands and even bought a 12-string guitar and string as a chain of six because strings then be wider than the room allowed me to have my monster digit string right. Since I bought an electric guitar in the strings and frets are much closer together, and I had little or no change problems. Believe me, if I can do it too.

how to learn to play the guitar