Free Guitar Play Alongs

free guitar play alongs
Clouds Over Normandy – Vengeance Unleashed (Guitar play along)

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Drum and bass play in unison?

I played the guitar for 6 years and I'm quite allright techincally … the problem is my game of it down to the finding-the-guitar-pro-file-and-learn it in the style of heart. I'm slowly sinking into the sea of improvisation. 😉 Anyway, what I wanted to ask is where to find good free drum and bass supports could improvise … I did some google but could not find something that meets the following criteria (which may be because they do not speak perfect English … I could not not know the appropriate vocabulary): 1) must be free 2) + battery must be low preference for calm. You know, quiet bass and percussion Warm, which provide a good basis for electric guitar clean or slightly distorted. 3) must be mp3 (with due respect to South-lovers out there … I prefer "real" instruments) will think it is possible to find clues on the Internet?

You can find the songs I

free guitar play alongs

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