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Which of these two guitars should i get Strat or Casino?

Should I get a Fender Standard Stratocaster, or the Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino. I Would change the pickups on the Stratocaster For Lace Gold Sensors. I play Blues, Pop, Rock, and psychedelia. Which one would be better Strat Or Casino? Please give examples like, tone, ease of playing , the cutaway, the sound, the reliablity and everything else

Well, I’m not that experienced as a guitarist at this point, but I have gotten the opportunity to try out both of these guitars, so hopefully I can be some help to you.

First of all, I wouldn’t listen to anyone who badmouths either of these guitars; both are solid instruments. And for whatever reason people do seem to get caught up in the whole Fender vs. Gibson debate, to the point where they will badmouth one to promote the other. And I just think that’s nonsense. You should be able to appreciate both.

Like the second answer said, you should definitely try both of these guitars out to get a sense of the feel before you commit to buying either. But I think you should also try to find some videos of people demoing these guitars to get a sense of the different sounds you can get from them. They’re all over Youtube. I’ll add some links for you at the end of different demo videos for each of them.

As far as feel goes, from someone who has gotten my hands on both of these, the Stratocaster is a lot more comfortable to play, I think anyone would admit that. Even John Lennon, without a doubt the most famous Casino player out there. There was a documentary I saw on the making of the Imagine album where it shows John in a session playing the Casino, and at one point stopping the session and the rest of the band, because “this guitar is just crippling, I can’t play it.” After the Imagine album his main electric guitar seemed to be a Gibson Les Paul Jr, which, like the Casino, had a P90 pickup, but was a smaller, solid body guitar. The Casino is certainly a finicky guitar, it has a very unique setup. Unlike the Gibson ES series, which cosmetically, it resembles, it is a true hollowbody, not a semi hollow, and doesn’t have the block of wood in the center to prevent feedback. Thus, feedback can be a major issue with this guitar, and you will need some patience to get the right setup so that you can play without major feedback interference. The third answer I think mentioned the hollowbody nature of the guitar, and the f-holes, as an advantage as it can play quite loud acoustically. That too, has its ups and downs. The Beatles apparently liked that they could rehearse with these guitars before shows without plugging them in. However, because of the loud acoustic sound of these guitars, you do have to turn the amplifier up pretty loud to get the electric sound. Depending on where you can practice, this can be an issue. Still, while the unique setup of the Casino can certainly have some issues, it also can produce some very unique sounds. Complete hollow-body with P90s. You can definitely get some of the early rock and roll sounds, the Beatle tones, I’d argue that its the best “Beatles” guitar there is, as it was used to an extent by John, Paul, and George.

Now, the Stratocaster. The Stratocaster is probably my favorite overall electric guitar, its incredibly ubiquitous, and very versatile. Jimi Hendrix called it the best overall guitar for the music he played. And we all know that he took his guitar playing to a lot of different places. I’d say that the Stratocaster is probably, overall, the better guitar for your money, it is more versatile than the Casino, though it does have its limitations, it can’t achieve the crunchy tone that Gibsons/Epiphones can, but at the same time, Gibsons/Epiphones in general can’t replicate the smooth funky/bluesey tone that are characteristic of Fenders. So, it really comes down to what features are more important to you, in terms of feel and in terms of tone. Overall, I would probably recommend the Stratocaster above the Casino, though the Casino certainly has its virtues, I do like it, and if you’re patient and experienced enough to make it work for you, definitely give it some serious consideration.

That being said, you mention that you’re looking at the John Lennon Casino, which goes for a grand new. You don’t mention if you’re looking at the Mexican or American Stratocaster. But, if your budget is around $1000, you could probably afford both. The standard Casino retails new for $600, as opposed to $1000 for the John Lennon special, and a Mexican Stratocaster retails new for $500, and you could probably save a lot of money buying used for both of these. Honestly, if you’re a smart shopper, you could probably afford both.

play guitar like john lennon