50 Fastest Guitar Players In The World

50 fastest guitar players in the world
Eric Clapton Buddy Guy Blues Guitar Telecaster Improv By Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack”

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iTunes Features The Great Kat's Shred / Classical music CD to download!

FEATURES iTunes now Great Kat

Shred / classical music CD for download!


  The Great Kat CD: "Wagner's War", "Rossini's Rape" "Bloody Vivaldi" and "Guitar Goddess" is now available on iTunes!

  July 28, 2010, New York NY – The Great Kat, the world's fastest guitar virtuoso shred, announced today that The Great Kat's Shred / Classical CDs are now available for download on iTunes. Breaking CD re-floor have broken the popular classic hits by The Great Kat on guitar and violin: Wagner "Ride of the Valkyries" (in Wagner's War "CD), 2" Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody # (In" Wagner's War "CD), Rossini's" William Tell Overture "(In" The Rape of Rossini's "CD), Vivaldi's" Four Seasons "(in" Bloody Vivaldi " CD) and more.

Shred / Classical CD The Great Kat is now available on iTunes:

  • Wagner war "
  • "Rossini's Rape"
  • "Bloody Vivaldi"
  • "Guitar Goddess"

Contact CD copies or interviews: Karen Thomas Thomas PR ,631-549-7 .578  

  CD Reviews:

"Inspired by the events of September 11, Kat is part of music's most famous, aggressive piece, inspired by the battle speed metal arrangements that hiss and ground spit -. "New York Post

"The Great Kat can totally destroy. It is scary fast on guitar and violin, that once she found her ego from the gutter almost laugh. His technique is just crazy. If you're a speed freak, give this mermaid mania. "- Guitar Player Magazine

The Great Kat (Juilliard Grad violin virtuoso / "Top 10 fastest shredders of all time" / "50 fastest guitarists of all time") is an update of the classical music with the speed metal and transcription of the violin virtuoso solo guitar – Evident in these historic recordings shred guitar virtuoso.

  D ISTRIBUTED worldwide by MVD (Music Video Distributors) The Great Cat CDs are available through iTunes, and will be available in large stores October 5, 2010. All CDs are also available in greatkat.com. In addition to the Great Kat CD, DVD MVD also delivers The Great Kat's Shred Guitar Beethoven "DVD and" Extreme Guitar Shred ".


50 fastest guitar players in the world