Learn Guitar In 5 Minutes

learn guitar in 5 minutes
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How long does it take to learn the basics * of an acoustic guitar?

Hello, I'm learning to play guitar for a talent show which took nine months (yes, I know it seems too early xD) and I just need a rough estimate of how long it takes to learn the basic chords and beginners and advanced beginners things. I am willing to be consistent and play over 30 minutes per day Ive played the piano for almost 5 years and my teacher said: "Consistency and concentration is the key to control nothing." And I am ready to do it:) Thank you and please no rude comments or swearing ^ _ ^

Hello, I started playing the piano and finally found a guitar is easier to carry. The wrist and finger strength is key to playing some son. How long is something that is unique and different with the instrument to attract attention. Some people take to new things quickly. I am self taught and play by ear. I always had a problem with memorization and play for fun. While in college my friends off Dennis AR room and I set a song for a program college and took the backup tape. Everyone rushed the stage and we ran to the door. It was crazy. The only problem was the song was played on "smoking marijuana and drinking beer and shooting. Then, suddenly magically transformed this song .. So down … down. down .. Me & U and the team down ".. hehe …. 3 part harmony …

learn guitar in 5 minutes