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learn guitar linux
How to make a song in frets on fire (windows/mac/linux)

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Learn to compose music on a computer can not play an instrument?

I am interested in music composition on my computer (I run Ubuntu 9.10). My options are Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS), Ardour, Jokosher, and Audacity (and Jokosher LMMS is very similar to GarageBand Mac OSX). But the problem is they do not know how to play an instrument (And I have no MIDI keyboard). So I guess my question is, and I apologize if this is stupid, but I wonder if you can learn through applications (playing by ear), or if there is a demand that can not write the story and making music? I am interested in rock music (with drums, bass, guitar), and sometimes add violin and piano. So what I can write without having any prior knowledge of music, and play by ear, or is it better not only learning of the real instrument.

You can also check Score Muse (http://www.musescore.org/) composition and Garden Roses (http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/) more traditional, although not absolutely necessary to learn an instrument for composing music is probably at least want to read a little music theory, learning an instrument can be a much more pleasant to overcome what we have just studied theoretically though. You can try to make the Music on existing samples or something like Jokosher LMMS (take a look at the Freesound extension to access a large library Creative Commons License audio samples), but you probably still find that the appreciation of the theoretical aspects of music theory will help a lot in this approach.

learn guitar linux