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learning to play guitar for dummies
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Guitar for beginners?

Hello I am trying to learn to play guitar. I have an electric guitar and guitar book Dummies. Every Once I scratch and worry about the third line 3 (and sometimes the fourth string and 2) the sound is always busy or fuzzy or w / e does not sound fair, although I know I'm not knocking the chain by accident and I'm pressing hard enough. Does anyone know what it is and how you can solve this problem? So if anyone has good advice for a beginner like me, I'd listen.

Perhaps a variety of reasons. The action (string height) may be too low. This can be corrected with a little adjustment on the bridge (bottom of the guitar where the chain is attached) Try to turn the screw or nut to increase the chain a little. The problem could also be that the nut (Top of the guitar) door. It's fairly simple to replace the nut, but I'll try if I knew what he was doing. Good luck.

learning to play guitar for dummies