Best Jazz Guitar Players List

best jazz guitar players list
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Last song for wedding… HELP!?

Hello all!

I’m hoping you can help me help my nervous fiancee. Earlier we picked out the song “I Feel Good” by James Brown to be our last song in our wedding. We found out that the trumpet player was nervous because he knew we needed a good piano player for back up. We only have an OK piano player (at least as far as Jazz goes). He’s good at reading music, but we’re not sure he could pull off a funk song. SOOOOO…. anyone have any other fun ideas for a last wedding song? It can include a piano, trumpet and/or a flute player. If we get really desperate we could have my best man play some guitar as well. (acoustic).

If you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know. We’d like to steer away from “traditional” wedding music and do something a little more fun. (although if you have a good traditional one, don’t be afraid to let me know… we’re getting desperate. I’m due to give a list to my fiancee at 8:00 tonight!


The last song at my wedding was Celebrate. Everyone seem to enjoy it.

best jazz guitar players list