Play Guitar Chords On Piano

play guitar chords on piano
Guitar Chords and Piano to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

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How to play guitar chords on the piano score?

Hello, I'm a beginner piano and I found a site that shows the chords I plays the piano for a song I like. and I was wondering … For example, the first part with the agreement F then G and C … I just play each chord once before going to the next chord? and I really wanted to play this song, but only with the agreements, you wouldnt take my hand right? what does the left hand when playing on the piano? thank you!

I'm not familiar with the song, but he can play the same notes of the chord with your left hand to the triad (arpeggio) in major while playing the string with your right hand. Since no music for piano, which, although course, depend heavily on their ears to hear when changing strings. Once you have an idea, you can try to invest, mix and add bass notes a bit to see what sounds good.

play guitar chords on piano