Famous Spanish Acoustic Guitar Players

famous spanish acoustic guitar players
Instrumental acoustic guitar examples-Spanish guitar music

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What are the good acoustic guitar songs? As well as the acoustic version of Hotel INTRO …?

What few good acoustic guitar songs? As like the intro (acoustic version) to the Hotel California. I like the feeling you Spanish. I looking something else and I played two years. Is there anything I need, maybe a famous Spanish golfer acoustic, player classic … or perhaps more such introductions, which are simply awesome. Any suggestions would be great. Oh … Any style is good … provided that mojo. (Rock, Classical, Pop, Foreign Affairs …. All that) But please more original, then Eric Clapton "Tears of Heaven." Unless … Mr. Clapton has a great unknown version, I have not heard for 33 years. Anything SOUL! And I thank all the players in advance.

Hello-Play a quick search I came up with a list. The list comes from a book that take the elderly Inst-www.elderly.com, if you're interested, in any form or another: best acoustic guitar through songs ever The Universe Against The Wind Angie Babe I'm Gonna Leave Behind Blue Eyes Breaking The Girl Crazy on You Dust in the wind girl disarm Any Rose "Su Free Fallin 'Foolin Espina Have you ever seen the rain? Heaven Beside You I Love To Change The World Iris Jane says landslides like the Way Do not Love The One You're with Maggie May Melissa More Than Words Norwegian Wood (this bird has flown) Pink Houses Signature Silent Lucidity The Space Between Joker thick as a brick upside Wanted Dead Or Alive You've Got A Friend

famous spanish acoustic guitar players