How To Play Guitar If Left Handed

how to play guitar if left handed
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Is it possible to learn guitar right-handed and then switch over to the left?

I am left-handed but there are no left-handed guitar teachers anywhere in my area, and I have proved unsuccessful at self-teaching. Is it possible to first learn guitar in a right-handed position, and then buy a left-handed guitar (or restring the right-handed one) and play it left-handed?

If so, how is this possible?
I am an aspiring musician and hope to pursue many instruments. 🙂

Sure, but why? Learn it right handed and play it right handed. Don’t buy a right handed guitar and try to flip it over and restring it for left-handed either. That’s a horrid idea because there’s way more to it than just putting the strings in the opposite order.

There’s a grave misconception that left-handed people need to “learn” to do things left handed. Do left handed piano players switch the keys around in the reverse order? Do left-handed people play left-handed violins, flutes, trumpets, or other instruments? Nope. So why should a left handed person have to play a left-handed guitar?

I happen to be right handed and my wife is left handed. I hurt my left hand a while back and was amazed to suddenly realize how many things I do much more comfortably with my left hand (even though I’m right handed). I also noticed how many things my left-handed wife does with her right hand (throw and bat a baseball and play guitar among them). It’s just a matter of how you learn it and get comfortable.

how to play guitar if left handed