Play Guitar Through Computer Speakers

play guitar through computer speakers
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How do I listen through my speakers on my computer?

"I used to do a lot of recording on my old computer. I connect my guitar or microphone or line in the slot. With my old computer was able to hear the reading of computer speakers. With my new computer that has not seen me whether I'm going through the microphone or line-in record. But no sound is played back to me. I do not know if I have to do with a new sound card, or is there a way to make it happen. Thank you.

Check the application of sound on the sound card. You must have the sound settings including the routing from the microphone to the speakers. You can find the making of the speakers are not connected to this possibility – Exit, while another is. As an object for headphones and one for the speakers. Vista has many faults – but I do not think it one of them. Good luck with Vista.

play guitar through computer speakers