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learn to play guitar uk
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Does anyone play the harp? How did you hear? Friendly advice please!?

I have no knowledge musical past (with the exception of one guitar lessons i, while some are a school), but I decided I want to learn to play the harp. I am very serious about this decision and wanted to leave for some time, but I really do not know how! I aware of how expensive they are so wouldnt be able to buy one for a long time, I found a teacher and use them? Is it better to rent? is difficult to learn? What you need any equipment other than the obvious, the instrument!? How can lessons cost? How long can you actually need to be able to play full-length peices? I know where to find a teacher, but wanted to hear first expeirences other. I live near Stansted Airport (UK) Any advice or personal experience would be useful! thank you:) What is the difference between type and type without pedals? If I buy it, what the important points I need to pay attention?

I can help you with some of your questions, I played Irish harp for about eighteen years. When I started, I had no musical experience much either, I played tin whistle for about two years, and taught to me because it was easy. I found that I liked the traditional music Irish and started hanging around our local tuning session. In that time, I decided I really wanted a harp. I started with a cheap harp, although I strongly advise against it because it is much more difficult to produce a constant sound good with an instrument that is not well built. I was ready to find a professional quality instrument after playing for a year, and found that I got more serious with her. The popular conception of a pedal harp is the harp that are often seen in orchestras. Are capable of full color range (All the sharps and flats), with seven pedals arranged in the bottom of the sound chamber. Each pedal controls a set of strings – at For example, control of all channels D. Each pedal with three positions, to apply a mechanism by which each string sound potentially like a flat, physical security rating, depending on where you set the pedal. This can be done during the game, so the pedal harp can change the main changes, or sound, without the player must stop and re-tune. These harps are usually 46 or 47 channels, the price range usually begins around £ 10 000. Harp I plays a lever, my style is traditional Irish music. A harp has a lever on top of each vibrating string with its length slightly shorter, it raises the terrain by half step. He falls in step diatonic, and each lever is fixed in advance to establish the key. I change a bit while I play, if the tone you need. Is not this full range of colors available, but for Irish music, I do not really need. I can handle three floors up to four sharps (key of my apartment E), which covers things pretty well. My harp cost of about £ 2.400 ($ 3.800 effectively;! I am an American) of the levers of a 32-stringed harp, but the total lever harps come in many sizes and ranges prices, according to the manufacturer. I am almost entirely self-taught, there are books available to teach. But better to find a teacher, you can avoid bad habits settle, and that will help your progress. You can ask your music store for connections and advice.

learn to play guitar uk