Should I Play Guitar Or Bass

should i play guitar or bass
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Should I play electric guitar or electric bass?

Things that make me want to play guitar and not bass: I want to be in a band someday but I don’t like the idea of not being heard if I play the bass because the guitars always go over it. I also want to be able to play solos which can’t be done on a bass.

Things that make me want to play bass and not guitar: I like the sound of the bass more. It’s easier to learn, and bassists are less common than guitarists, making a bassist much more valuable.


Firstly to point out yer mistakes.
1) a guitar doesn’t go over a bass, its just higher frequencies are better picked up by our ear
2) bassists can solo (eg aeroplane-RHCP near the end of the song)
3) bass isn’t easier to learn, no instrument is harder than any other. Depending on how far & talented you wish to be it becomes easier/harder, playing bass like a random pop band is a walk in the park compared to say Flea.

As for which to choose, only you can decide which one will interest you more & keep you motivated.
Remember to get lessons if you want to be in anyway good

should i play guitar or bass

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