Learning To Play Guitar Scales

learning to play guitar scales
Dorian Scale Lesson – Guitar Scales

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What guitar scales to play the blues?

He learned the blues / minor pentatonic and can improvise on any subject blues with him. While that's fine, that means I have a great variety in my game, and I become predictable. What are other good scales used to play the blues? Orlando57 @ I guess you do not know what a ladder. I'm not looking for a way to play guitar, or how to play a particular song.

The scales used in blues: Blues scale: C Eb FF # G Bb minor pentatonic scale: C Eb Bb FG major pentatonic: CDEG scale: Mixolydian CDEFGAB: CDEFG Bb Dorian: CD Eb FGA Bb learn these scales, fingers in ears, and his ear. Learn where the notes on your sleeve. Now – here's the trick. Once you learn … Really learned … Forget it. With this intrinsic knowledge of your soul, forget the scales and play the notes you want. Cruz scales – Use passing tones, not only the ground-5 blues scale, but use dichotomy of the major / minor harmony on the scale height. There is a real ambiguity in harmony blues melody re4lation allowing you to use more or less the third, sixth, seventh and even the will. Not related to scale – There are no false notes. Treatment "bad" states (whatever) 1) if you play a "bad" grade – not a "right" to a fence – to arrive at it. 2) if you play a "bad" grade – to play again. Make it sound intentional. PLAY is on purpose. Discover the tension in it and expect Does stress in your riff. The music is about tension and release – to take the emphasis on certain notes.

learning to play guitar scales