Guitar Music Book

guitar music book
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I do not remember the name of a book on music theory for guitar, nobody knows what it is?

Looking for a book theory specific music for guitars, Chapter 1: "How Introduction" and Chapter 2 is "the minor pentatonic scale", also I think the cover was green. I used this book with my old guitar teacher and now I want to buy for me, but I can not remember how it called.

Here is a book that corresponds to each account, except the color of the cover: "The Basics of Lead Rock" by Danny Gill. Is Available to buy on Amazon: This site is in Polish but has a list of names Chapters (English): Here if you do not want to click on: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: pentatonic minor pentatonic Connection Chapter 3: The major pentatonic scale from 21 to 28 Chapter 4: common ideas bending double bending Bluesy Minor Bend Chapter Three 5: Jamming Pentatpnic Solo Pentatonic Jam as a pentatonic pentatonic pentatonic Solo2 JAM TRACK 2 Chapter 6: Vibrato in C Minor Blues Chapter 7: diatonic scales Chapter 8: Just Jamming diatonic diatonic Diatonic Jam Track a diatonic diatonic Only two JAM TRACK 2 Credit guitar notation legend authors Hope it helps.

guitar music book