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learn to play guitar absolutely free
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Is it too late to learn to play guitar?

Well I love music, and great music too Dylan, The Beatles, Stones, whom, etc. guitarits Ive loved like Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Robert Johnson and so on. In fact, strange as it is, watching all these classic types, was John Mayer, who inspired me to want to learn to play. Rarely new music, with the exception of guys like him, DMB, but I heard of again making Charles and Jimi lightning in IE! I loved this album and Stratocaster (is not it?) Noise coming from a young man, a new type. Therefore, I'm 15 and I really want to learn to play. I know it's a tough job and requires tons of practce but I have at least a couple of hours of free time each day. Is it too late to learn and be able to play well at least before going to college and have little time? Thank you very much in advance.

No. .. Nobody is too late for something. Trust me on … I know many people who are very good at playing guitar. And most of them say it began at the age of 15. Another thing is that you become more aware of what to do and learning to mature. Say 14 upwards.

learn to play guitar absolutely free

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