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Recording System – 4 tracks or 8 tracks. Need advice on the purchase.?

Hello, I live in Australia and my friend and I need some advice to buy a track for 4 or track recording system-8. We want to record bass and guitar in it. I searched Google and searched music stores, but really I need clear answers. Basically, we want: a registration system that is reasonably cheap, sound quality does take a month to see how it should be able to connect to a computer that prefer a system Recording that can truly connect with our guitars. We have heard that it gives better sound quality? "It really does not need a machine that has all the buttons and dials for the issue of our music. Sure, a few small capabilites of publishing, but not re DJs. we would like advice on the purchase of the model, price and where to buy. Thank you!

Here are some tips to start, who to know where to buy if MF will not be sent. recording interface: USD $ 150.00 http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Delta-44-Digital-Recording-System?sku=701346 mixers and preamplifiers: $ 100.00 You'll also need cables http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Delta-44-Digital-Recording-System?sku=701346 and various connectors, the plan for at least another $ 50.00 I'm in the same group a few days with a maximum of four musicians, so we have a 8-Track interface and a table of Channel 8, which cost us over U.S. $ 1,000.00. It is amazing how much you can do now for much less. Our program editing / recording was only $ 500.00. Mix in some signal processors, many cables, power amplifier for PA ….. well, you get the idea. We are far from studio quality close, but it's fun. Oh, you need microphones if your microphone cabinets, and drums, or are considering doing the voices. Good luck guys

learn guitar australia