How Can I Learn Guitar Scales Fast

how can i learn guitar scales fast
BobbyCrispy Playing Some Super Fast Scales on Guitar

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improvisation on the guitar?

hello .. I learned the guitar for a year and a half .. I know that most basic chords and scales … I have good speed in the game scales up and down the field .. with singles, triplets, quadruplets, etc. I'm improvising around 1 / 2 a year .. but I do not feel as if I was right in .. u can give me some tips on how to develop my style .. and whether or not my style is rock 'Cum No metal roll .. As Van Halen, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc. I'm crazy for fast solos .. I can give advice about it too much to make an effective .. thank you ..

Do not be misled into thinking that only good solo = not fast. If you play fast all the time you lose your advantage. I advise you to use the speed of your selective because it will mean more upright. Regarding improvisation, all the major began to imitate their idols, I advise you to itself. Improvising really can not teach, you must first obtain a court accompaniment and singing / humming a tune and try to imitate with his guitar. Jimi Hendrix was an excellent imitation of his voice on the guitar which is especially evident in songs like Voodoo Child or more of his songs blues. Please do not become a "mill" that think their hot stuff, and you can play scales at 100 mph

how can i learn guitar scales fast

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