Play Guitar With Feet

play guitar with feet
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What size should the guitar?

So I started to show me how to play guitar, I already play the piano, and who can read music, but I really want to teach myself how to play the guitar, so my real question is what size guitar should I do? I know there are different sizes, but do not know if you have something to do with my size (which is 5 feet) … Can someone help me I just need my waist lol guitar … thank you in advance

The best thing to do is go to the music store and try out. Beginner guitars are generally slightly smaller normal. Mainly because they are intended for use by children. I taught the children to do well with a normal size Dreadnought size acoustic or even giant. It all really depends on what you feel comfortable. I also recommend starting with a few lessons teacher qualified because he can get off to a good start in terms of intonation, so I will. A professor of meat and bone can also answer many questions that the books and videos not even touch. You can always take a few lessons for beginners and when you feel good about it, we offer to go it alone. I hope I helped a little luck, good.

play guitar with feet