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learn guitar jamorama
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how can i get better at playing guitar?

i wanna get better at playing guitar but i don’t have the cash to pay for weekly classes, does anyone know any excercises i can do to help me get better or any websites that teach ways to learn

PS dont tell me jamorama coz that thing sucks


1- Play a lot! Jimi Hendrix once said he never practiced, he just jammed …all the time.

2- Jam with other people. I don’t care how bad you are, you can find something to play with someone else, even if it’s just some chords while they shred. You will learn more by playing with others for a week than you would by playing by your self for a month. Even if they hardly know anything, “by teaching, we learn” and you will realize things when you try to explain to someone else that you didn’t notice before.

3- Play along with songs. If you find a song you like, don’t go out and find the tabs. First try to play along with it. Experiment and try to figure out how it goes. You can get the tabs later.

4- Play loud. Jimi cranked up his amps as loud as they would go and controlled his volume from the guitar. He was the first to do this and promoters/other guitarists thought he was crazy for it. You can do so much more with loud sound than by doing the exact same movements on low volume. But don’t forget about learning to play softly and letting other people take center stage from time-to-time as well.

Here are some tips from professionals that I found in Guitar Player magazine:

“Move into uncharted territory… playing the same stuff will only take you so far. Introduce a new set of chord voicings, tunings, or scale patterns to your routine every week. It’s not necessary to know how to implement the stuff right away, just make your fingers go to new places and let the music follow naturally” – Joe Satriani

“Try cutting back on the effects in your setup., It may help you to better discover the music.” -Bill Kirchen

“Use your pinky! When I first start started playing, an older country musician told me to keep practicing with my left-hand pinky–even though it felt weird–until it was second nature. That was the best advice I ever got.” -Deke Dickerson

“Try to separate yourself from what your fingers are doing and listen to the amp.” -Steve Vai

“Play sloppy, make mistakes, and let those mistakes lead you to different territories and ideas. It’s important to take advantage of both the rational control and the irrational uncontrolled.” -Henry Kaiser

“All music is theatre. ALl music is expression. SO never let the music get in the way of your stage act.” -Pete Townshend

“Don’t be lazy. You have to want to play, and, most importantly, you have to love the guitar.” -Randy Rhodes

I take pride in the fact that I’ve never had a guitar lesson. In the 4 years that I’ve been playing guitar, I’ve spent thousands of hours jamming and I’ve learned everything I know on guitar from friends, magazines, videos, and most importantly, experience.

There are tons more tips from that issue of Guitar Player, I just chose some of the best and some of the shortest because it would take forever to write them all out, but if you want, I can post them all.

learn guitar jamorama

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