Top 100 Guitar Players

top 100 guitar players
My Top 20 Favorite Guitar Players

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Rolling Stone's 100 greatest guitarists?

I disagree with him. To begin Angus Young was 96! How did 96? It is freaking awesome. What do you think? Who do you think should be in it?

Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Lindsey Buckingham … I mean, AAWWWWNNNNNN! Also: Jeff Beck, David Gilmour Billy Gibbons and not have as much thought into the top 20 of all time of any journalist is real rock … Yes, there are some toooooo many glaring omissions and simply did no place in the list. Will do something for public relations, children, and out of this element, you might think Jan. Wenner had something written the type of apology. ADDED: I just had another look at the list. Ok, so that the edge is in 24th place, ahead of Mark Knopfler, 29, Brian May, Joe Perry, 39, 48, Steve Howe, 69, David Gilmour, 82 I will assume that you have chosen to appoint a hat on themselves. I'm surprised they did included Steve Cropper, okay, it's a pleasant surprise! But … Joan Jett on the same realm that Tony Iommi?

top 100 guitar players