Play Guitar Small Hands

play guitar small hands
Metallica/Thin Lizzy/ Whiskey in the Jar cover Jem (Belper School)

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Guitar for small hands and small fingers stubbyish? (Not a new player)?

I played the guitar since he was nine years – Was nearly 22 years. What over the years, I always changed my style of play according to the hands of women – small hands, short fingers, so I never been able to play barre chords or bar of law and have also problems with the chords B, most of the time. F used to be very difficult for me, but it's not that bad Although not yet as clear as I wanted. I used children before and guitars although its quality is not as good as my guitar, which would have been easier to play. Is there a specific guitar that is not very good (in the amendment a guitar – so that's out of question) and compared to those of us with small hands girl?

just look for a guitar with a small neck. I have an ibanez acoustic electric guitar ew20 set. has a little neck! im Buzz get the 14th fret a lot, well fitted to the neck needs. 4.3 size guitar: what was …. taylor baby something as well. or guitar center and spend time there like an hour and play all guitars ยบ. Good luck!

play guitar small hands