Playing Lead Guitar Learn To Play

playing lead guitar learn to play
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I want to learn electric guitar for a band. I learn to play an acoustic guitar first?

I think the year 1 so I would like to join a band. There are many guitar players base and I will not be able to get a drum kit .. So I want cable electric guitar. I've never played any type of guitar before. Should I learn to play acoustic guitar before learning to play the electric guitar?

If you must, because if you learn on an acoustic guitar flying into a wall outlet if you change more … It amazing how fast it will play if you change more than a year later … if the game's first power will be harder to play acoustic later because of thicker strings! When you learn to buy strings sound good if your fingers will not hurt so bad that when the practice … but some evil b / c hopefully it's normal … good!

playing lead guitar learn to play