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play guitar tips
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Why do my fingers hurt when I play the guitar? And Do you have tips for beginners?

I started playing the guitar Yesterday and today my fingers very badly! Is it possible to reach my usual? And do you have any advice for beginners again? And if you're a guitar player and play again, what age did you start and age ru now? [Sorry I just want to know how long you've played]

It is normal. Initially, its scope will be seriously injured until even cruel. So do not feel much pain. Do not worry, when I say cruel, I'm not talking about something serious. Just to get a tougher skin on the board as a protective measure. I 31 years and I have taught me about 24 years. I can not read music, however, I can only read tabalature. Even if I stopped writing my own music and formed a group. If you know the basic chord progressions, in order to write music quickly. Some of these agreements the most common include G, D, Am, A, Em, E, B, C, F Many songs use only a few chords and make these visits. Some songs such as: Trouble by Coldplay will save Jewel Every soul has its thorn Clocks by Coldplay sitting on the dock of the bay What I suggest is to get a book or a poster agreements. Some books not only show you the ropes, but a good sound with it. Secondly, scrape practical alternative.

play guitar tips