I Want To Play Guitar Hero Games

i want to play guitar hero games
Guitar Hero 3 – Any Way You Want It by Journey

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Guitar Secrets Of The Legends

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than the previous Guitar Hero games will play in the band of heroes?

Hello I buy the hero of the strip at x-mas with my sister She did not buy Guitar Hero. but I wanted to know if the Guitar Hero games before, and in the world, etc. Hero Aerosmith would play in the band?

You can export a predefined set of tracks and Smash Hits World Tour to be used in Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, and most of Band and Guitar Hero Hero 5 setlists of both can be exported to work in the other match. Note that you must pay a license fee for the new little to do (this feature is also available in PS2). If you mean the instruments work in older games, they will. All devices are 100% compatible GH front and rear (except drums and a microphone in games do not have these tools).

i want to play guitar hero games