How To Play Guitar Scales Fast

how to play guitar scales fast
Learn how to play scales fast on guitar

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how do you get to play gypsy jazz?

I’ve played guitar for two and a half years now and i just stumbled upon this music i love which is gypsy jazz( think Django Reinhardt) I started trying to play his songs but it’s just to fast and way too many notes to memorize because he solos all the time. I was wondering if the best way to get into this music is just to practice scales and get faster then make your own tunes and jam with others.

buddy, you’re already on the right track – keep going!

It sounds like you’re already trying to do it by ear. Good for you! You can do it – again keep going. Learning by example is the best tutor you can have! Copying what he’s doing is only going to benefit you in the long run. If I can suggest a few things to help – here’s what I’d suggest.

Amazing Slow Downer – this is a program that will slow down any tune without changing it’s pitch. So, if you want to learn a solo note by note – this is the way to go. The free version is limited, but the $50 price tag is worth its weight in gold for the full version.

The second link is to a hardware device that does the same as the amazing slow downer. It’s a higher price tag – but works pretty much the same. There are a bunch of manufacturers making this item so shop around. But *I* think the amazing slow downer is much better.

If you’re still adamant about learning jazz type scales – the internet is your oyster. However, once you start looking at jazz scales and whatnot – you’ll be bombarded with info that are for music theory geeks! As jazz is the “rock” music for classical musicians. . .

Last link is a link to a free resource for scales, but unless you learn music theory – you’ll be lost!

Honestly, learn by example – then dive into the nitty gritty later. But, that’s my opinion 🙂

how to play guitar scales fast

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