Semi Acoustic Guitar

semi acoustic guitar

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"I can play my acoustic guitar-amp noise semi?

I was looking at different brands of line amplifiers, and recently I found "acoustic" amplifiers. Now that I played acoustic and electric guitars, as yet I do not see why we would need a special amplifier to go with it. I have an Epiphone Riviera – could use an acoustic amp without destroying or sacrificing the sound quality? I'm confused mostly to the track, in general, I suppose. Thank you

You can use any guitar amp you want. They all amplify the guitar signal. Sound I want is what you want, and can not be tested online. Go to a music store and test some amps, just to get an idea of what the sound of your search. Takes your guitar. Want to hear what your guitar sounds like in the amplifier, not a store guitar. I saw several times that sellers of the guitar and amp to try to push a guitar amplifier or receiver indicating that the best or play the guitar to give the best sound. Use your guitar to know what sound to expect, and the sound they prefer. You can not get online! On the other hand, do not let a salesman bully you into buying what He wants you to purchase. If you are rude or arrogant, as some do, the return of classes. (What do you not like that!)

semi acoustic guitar

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