Learn How To Play Guitar Tabs

learn how to play guitar tabs
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How can I learn to read guitar tabs?

I do not know how to read music at all, but I want to start playing my guitar friend told me to start learning the chips. Now, if I knew how to do this? I really want to learn to play the song Scar Tissue Red Hot Chilli Peppers Here are http://www.911tabs.com/link/?6707115 here can someone tell me how to read?

Here's the best thing since sliced bread. See six lines, So: e |———— B |———— G |———- – D | – —- AE ——- |———— |———— The first line corresponds to the high E (or the first string) on his guitar. The high E is usually symbolized by a small E. The bottom line (capital E) is the low E (or the thickest string). You can see the figures each line. Read the numbers from left to right. Each number tells you which fret to press down. A 0 means you play the string air (no fingers down). A 1 means you press the first box, and so on. For example: (I leave the letters at the beginning of the lines are not needed for now) | – 2 ———– |——- 3 – —– |———— 4 – |————— | — ———- – |————— media should choose the highest (thin) string while pressing the second box, then press the 3rd fret of the second string, then the fourth fret of the third string. Ignore all other symbols of time, attention figures. If two numbers are directly above each, you play both channels at once. For example, |—- 0 ——– ——– 0 0 ——– |—- |—- |—- 0 0 0 ——– ——– ——– |—- |—- Ways to play each chord air. Scratch that all the strings, fretless pressing! Beware of falling set D, where you can see a "D" down the line tab (which is the thickest string on the guitar). This means that you must change the height of the chain, if I stay away from this you feel comfortable. In Scar Tissue, just play the notes as you go. You must get the timing right, so play hard until you get. However, it takes time, so be patient. The letters above the tab (FC Dm C, etc.) are the chords played at that time. Usually, there are two guitars, if you play the chords and the main melody is played. You can learn the chords online search, but you know the tabs to find a way to play chords! You can ignore them. It will take time, make sure you spend a lot of practice time.

learn how to play guitar tabs