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Title and author, or the guitar-chords of the song "Be Exalted Jesus will be glorified in our praise?

Hello, sooo sooo appreciate could someone tell me the title and author of the song that follows! I only know the chorus but need to know the name to help find guitar chords for it. I can not find anywhere! Please help! It would be so great! Thank you! "Be exalted, Jesus will be glorified in our praise, honor and glory of all, give your name. "

Could it be "You are near"? The letters do not match, but they are completely different. # Hillsong: You + + Close: 1554129: 2Cstd_df600fc92d0b5a79618b114e9f138629 s28211096.8082319.5007123.0.1.73%

praise guitar