Learn To Play Guitar For Beginners Online

learn to play guitar for beginners online
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How can I play this? acoustic guitar notes?

Well, I'm learning guitar. very beginner-ish. and uh, I'm having very good tutorials online for this professional site. because my friends are not playing the guitar, and we have no time or money to any other person to teach me. but I watch all the notes and everything and then gives me an image and it's like playing this well now, and how can I play? idk to read. im confused. can someone please explain how to play these notes? http://i37.tinypic.com/2dkhco6.jpg know this now. lol, I feel soo stupid, asking all these questions. but what are the figures the tab? another question, god I'm so stupid. but I can read music, but not the notes, is that bad? I do not like his plan to become a pro or anything. just something to do at home. but it is necessary that I should be able to play notes? If tokens complete sense to me now.

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learn to play guitar for beginners online