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how to play guitar podcast
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question about electric violins?

Ok, I demand an electric violin for my birthday a few weeks I have had the wood and He presents his podcast Mark Sting Ray and how cool it is and blah, blah, blah. I liked the sound of his instrument, but it is about $ 500 and I you can not really afford it right now, so I decided to buy a cheaper instrument. Therefore, I wondered if the sound of Electric violins are the same for all the violins or fiddles that sound is different? I also noticed how Mark Wood, the amplifier to make the sound of the violin as a fiddle normal, but in other shows, I heard him play and it sounds like an electric guitar, which is the sound I'm getting when my instrument. Is this possible with any other brand electric violin and is possible only in a wooden violin?

It are so many factors that can change the sound of an electric violin, strings, bow, amplifier, sound engineer 😉 The best way to get this guitar sound electric, you've probably be using one of the effects pedal, or other device effects. It's been a while since I played my electric violin, or any kind of violin, I am not able to provide more information. Your best option might be to ask some retailers. Good luck and have fun.

how to play guitar podcast